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VELAN VTP-2000 Ball Valve

  • Author:www.velan.com
  • Source:http://www.valve-world.net
  • Release on:2018-07-25
 A high performance ball valve with an affordable price

Velan Inc., a leading manufacturer of high quality industrial valves for a broad range of industrial applications, has introduced the VTP-2000 Three-Piece Ball Valve: a fully-rated three-piece ball valve designed for simple in-line maintenance and long, reliable service life.

Illustration of VTP-2000 Ball ValveThe VTP-2000 Three-Piece Ball Valve adds to Velan's extensive range of high performance resilient and metal seated ball valves, helping to make Velan a market leader in quarter turn valve solutions. Taking advantage of Velan's extensive engineering capabilities and experience, the VTP-2000 Three-Piece Ball Valve has been designed to provide the best performance available in the market.

The VTP-2000 is bi-directional, fully rated to ASME B16.34 with ASME Class 900 wall thickness, and fire-tested to API 607 Rev. 4. Some of the valve's more advanced features include standard TFM-1600 seats, which offers improved performance over PTFE; a live-loaded, adjustable stem seal with a unique three-way sealing system; and an ISO 5211 mounting pad, for simplified actuation with standardized linkages.

The VTP-2000 Three-Piece Ball Valve is available in sizes ½ - 1" (15-25 mm) for services to 2000 WOG and 1 ½ - 2" (40-50mm) for services to 1500 WOG, with threaded, socket weld or combination end connections. Standard materials are carbon (WCB) and stainless (CF8M) steel. Ideal for general isolation applications in a broad range of markets, the VTP-2000 Three-Piece Ball Valve is available for NACE (sour gas) service and can be CE marked as required.